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[IPk] night-time lows

Hi all -

John commented that as soon as you get something sorted BG-wise, everything
changes again. I agree completely. That ahppened to me recently with my BGs
around my period, and it took me six months to reset my basal rates to
cover all the hormonal changes going on. And then my diet changed, and
things went back to the way they were six months previously! Knowing why it
happened doesn't make any of it easier. It hasn't taken as long to reset
everything this time, thankfully, but that nasty, long overnight hypo I had
the other night is one result of all this messing.

so lat night I finally confirmed, beyond doubt, that the problem is too
much insulin between 3am and 6am. Between midnight and 3am I dropped .5
mmol, but between 3am and 6am I dropped 2.3 mmol! This also explains why
I've been dropping so much on my walk to work in the morning, with no bolus
insulin in my system and a temp basal of 0 for an hour. I hope that after I
make this change I won't have to make any more for at least a few months!

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