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Re: [IPk] " diabetic" consultant

>how does exercise help a DM who is experiencing difficulties?
>another variable which can have unpredictable effects on bg and requires
>extreme discipline and organisation in order to adjust insulin prior to and
>after. I'm sure if you asked Steve Redgrave he would probably say that his
>diabetes control would be a little simpler if his excercise schedule was
>less intense

While it's true that intense exercise can make DM control harder, there is
evidence that regular exercise can improve it for some people. If I
exercise regularly, my  insulin requirements drop right around the clock 7
days a week, and I have fewer problems controlling my Bg at night. Steve
Redgrave's case is a little different from, say, walking an hour a day, or
going to the gym 3 times a week.

>Exercise should be something you do for enjoyment or general wellbeing not
>something inflicted in order to compensate for an inadequate insulin

Well, if it benefits your control, then it's something to consider. We
struggle for good control - if something like exercise can improve it, then
you should consider it.

 > Surely the job of any insulin therapy is to control
BG adequately >so that the individual can choose to exercise or not exercise
with safety.

Of course - in a perfect world. But  we don't live in one.

 >If BG is inadequately controlled due to suboptimal insulin
therapy, personal >and anecdotal experience is that you feel less well and
less motivated to >exercise, eat healthily etc > >

You might feel less motivated, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it!
Are you suggesting we shouldn't eat healthily either if we have bad
control? All the more reason why we should!

I do agree that the consultant sucks, but I think you may be
underestimating the importance of exercise. For type IIs, it's a part of
their treatment. it shouldn't have to be for type Is, but in mnay cases, it
works.Even on a pump, I get much better control if I exercise regularly. So
don't dismiss it so readily.
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