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[IPk] " diabetic" consultant

if there's one thing worse than a medic who doesn't have dm, it must be
someone who manages pefectly despite long hours, unpredictable activity,
stress, ill timed meals. someone who also finds the time to exercise despite
working a 70 hour week?.... This guy's lucky. or else he has his head stuck
in the sand and is not as well controlled as he maintains.

how does exercise help a DM who is experiencing difficulties?
another variable which can have unpredictable effects on bg and requires
extreme discipline and organisation in order to adjust insulin prior to and
after. I'm sure if you asked Steve Redgrave he would probably say that his
diabetes control would be a little simpler if his excercise schedule was
less intense

Are you sure this guy you saw was type1 or was he in fact, an overweight
type 2?

Exercise should be something you do for enjoyment or general wellbeing not
something inflicted in order to compensate for an inadequate insulin
regimen. Surely the job of any insulin therapy is to control BG adequately
so that the individual can choose to exercise or not exercise with safety.
If BG is inadequately controlled due to suboptimal insulin therapy, personal
and anecdotal experience is that you feel less well and less motivated to
exercise, eat healthily etc

Get a referral to someone else!!!
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