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Re: [IPk] I'm so low I could cry

The "morning after the hypo" feeling is nasty, though I tend to suffer more
from the "wake up at 7am with a BG of 2.5 mmol/l" (where i've probably been
hypo half the night too).
For me, tea with sugar and a banana works the best. I don't mean put the
banana in the tea :-)
If I'm no longer hypo, I switch the sugar for sweeetener (I don't normallu
take sweetener in tea, but it helps when I'm either alcohol- or
hypo-hungover. Couple of Ibuprofen often helps too.  And a few drops of
Back Rescue Remedy (which is brilliant, but I almost always forget about it
until too late!).  I take my time and don't go into work (or whatever)
until I'm feeling better, even if it means I have to wait an hour. It ends
up being more productive than struggling into work and sitting there
feeling like death.

Hope you're feeling more human again soon. I too probably get as many hypos
now as i did pre-pump,but they're usually less severe and there's generally
a reason for them. Night time is still a bit of a problem, but at least i
don't end up high every morning as i used to pre-pump (like, 12-18 mmol/l
no matter what my insulin dose was).
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