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Re: [IPk] I'm so low I could cry

>Boy do I sympathise! I too worry about the effect repeated hypos are having
>on my brain as I consider myself to be increasingly and worryingly dotty
>these days (33 years of type 1 and I've been pumping for only a few weeks).
>It is so critical to get the base rate right (I haven't managed this
>yet....). It occurs to me that it could help you if you could have a session
>on the MiniMed Continuous Glucose Monitor - this would show you what your
>sugars are doing through the night and you could tune the pump accordingly.
>This is something I am hoping to do myself.

The frustrating problem I find is that as soon as I get everything "just
right", my insulin requirements change, so I have to start all over again!
With diabetes you never win the war, you just live to fight another day. I
end up seeking a middle path which while not being perfect is neither too
high nor too low.

I accept that some people have much more stable insulin needs. But some
women have it worse with periods causing their needs to shift all the time.

elizabeth - I have no cure for the "morning after" hypo headache. I'm just
thankful it's not as bad as the zombie-like washed out state I would be in
for the whole of the next day when I used to have really severe night time

I believe they used to induce severe hypos in non-diabetic people as a cure
for depression... this came before electric shock therapy - which a
university friend of mine had, and which cured his depression very
effectively. He then completed his PhD and is a research biochemist for a
pharmaceutical company.


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