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[IPk] Subject: I'm so low I could cry


	I completely recognise all your feelings.  Apart from feeling
physically crap, I often find I get a bit emotional if I have a series of
hypos - and it is such an out of control feeling - but then, I hate a blood
sugar above 10 m/mol as I am paranoid about complications having watched my
father go through every diabetic complication possible (dialysis and
subsequent kidney transplant; series of foot ulcers; leg amputation;
retinopathy, neuropathy) and then died at 59.  

	So, to get back to the point, I really struggled when I went on the
pump with the slightly higher BG targets - I used to aim for a BG's of 4 -
now I try to not let it go below 5, I also don't overcompensate for hypos -
another of my old tricks - which means I don't need a correction bolus!
Having said that I aim for 5-7 to feel at my best.  But I have far fewer
hypos with the slightly higher target range.

	I hope it works for you.

	Audrey Sheal
	IDDM 20 years +, pumper 4 months

> Thanks for the reassuring words, Barry. My great frustration is that,
> despite having a pump, I haven't made any significant dent in the number
> of
> hypos I have (which was one of my great hopes for having a pump). However,
> I have recently raised my BG targets in an attempt to reduce the number,
> which is something I wasn't able to do before I had the pump, because my
> head felt so horrible in a different way if my BGs remained above about
> 6.5
> for any length of time. Unfortuantely, the change doesn't seem to be
> having
> much impact on my overnight BGs.
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