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Hi all -

I'm make all my comments in one mail. Helen, you must be so angry with that
fella. I always hope that medical staff with diabetes will be more
understanding of other people with diabetes. Obviously not in this case! I
think you should keep fighting for what you want. Why do most doctors
always behave in an ignorant and arrogant manner?

Yvonne, I've had more hypos per month since going on the pump, but at
higher levels.  Very frustrating! I've recently looked at my behaviour and
realised that a lot of it is to do with the sort of life I live at the
moment. At least with a pump I feel like I can do something about it, if I
pay attention. It was getting harder to deal with problems on injections,
especially with overnight BGs - things got quitet unpredictable, and I
often needed 3am tests. I do think I'm better off with the pump. My HbA1c
is holding steady, despite higher highs (note to self: avoid sweetened oat
cakes!) and more lows. On the other hand, I hit my targets (4.2 - 8.6) 60%
of the time, which is up from when I was on injections. So, if I sort out
my eating habits...

Dave, I'm sorry to hear your nan died. I'm glad you can see a positive side
to an otherwise sad event - that someone else will be helped. Take care ...
and hang in there! It sounds like you do a very good job of it.

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