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[IPk] To Test Or Not To Test?

    HI Everyone,
     I test for keytones at least once a month and my consultants say this is
an extremly important test as DKA can prove fatal, as I well know I've been
admitted to hospital on more than too many times I'd like to remember, for
those of you who have not had DKA I can only describe it as your worst
hypo..........times 10.
     Dka can turn nasty by the hour and unconciousness folows, as I have said
I have very brittle diabetes & complications and even with my pump I have
difficulty in controlling my DiaB  in 1999 I developed eating problems every
time I ate food no matter how small or how much I chewed it within an hour I
had bought it all back up, needless to say my insulin then had nothing to work
on and then I would go hypo due to clash of food absorbtion and the insulin
working, with this I also had bad sweats and servere bloatedness
     This went on and on over the year I lost all appetite and completly went
off food, because it kept making me sick, without food keytones raise their
ugly heads normally after 12-14 hours amazingly my blood sugars could still be
relatively normal.
     I was admitted several times really in a bad bad way I had lots of tests
done you know the sough and they told me I had gastroparesis which is a form
of neuropathy
normally found in longterm type 1 DiaB although very rare I was put on several
tablets to stop stomach ulcers and stimulants to help generate production of
enzymes to break down food, these didn't work well though I was then sent for
special nuclear medecine tests on gastro emptying but these all came back
     I then said could it be a psycological problem ?, which they said it
might be but the weight loss I had suffered, all the sickness etc, they
pointed out it would be a very severe problem, well then it was decided to get
me onto pump therapy, which has made things easier, I very rarely get keytones
now but, I still have all the symptoms and the eating is somewhat better but
still very poor. The best medication I was on was Cisapride this worked very
well until the medical profession banned it last year as it was proven that a
very small percentage of people suffered some irregular heart rythems some
fatal, fortunatly I had enough supplies to see me through to last christmas,
and I told my consultant and GP that I was still on them, and they both backed
my discision as the risk was extremly small.
     Since I've stopped them the symptoms are coming more apparent but because
of the pump the keytones are not appearing and I still manage to eat all be it
uncomfortable or nauseating once a day, the doctors feel that I probably have
early stages of gastroparesis as I have neuropathy of the feet, hands and
proliferative retinopathy of the eyes.
      Do test for keytones especially if you have an underlining illness
starting ie a cold as if keytones start things can spiral very quickly, so
don't ignore keytones a least have a pot in doors so if your low you can at
least test for them.

Best regards


P.S. As i said in yesterdays e-mail making a donation when my grandad died,
well my nan died this morning, so it looks as if the ameanity fund will be
getting another donation, at least my nans death will help someone.
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