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Re: [IPk] I'm so low I could cry

>I believe that we have millions of spare or unused cells, so I think you
afford to loose a few without worrying too much. Having said that,
none of us will have too many lows on pump therapy anyway. By the time
that you read this, I trust that you will be feeling somewhat better, but I
know from experience how awful you can feel for several hours afterwards.
Hope that you are okay next time around.

Thanks for the reassuring words, Barry. My great frustration is that,
despite having a pump, I haven't made any significant dent in the number of
hypos I have (which was one of my great hopes for having a pump). However,
I have recently raised my BG targets in an attempt to reduce the number,
which is something I wasn't able to do before I had the pump, because my
head felt so horrible in a different way if my BGs remained above about 6.5
for any length of time. Unfortuantely, the change doesn't seem to be having
much impact on my overnight BGs.

Here's another question: two years ago, when I went into the 3's during the
night, I would wake up feeling miserable and covered in sweat.  Now I don't
even wake up, and when I'm in the 2's during the night the only thing that
wakes me is a feeling that something is wrong.  I miss those sweat covered
days! If I manage to not have hypos for a few months, will I perspire once
again? Or is this just a 'pious legend' in diabetes care?


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