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[IPk] I'm so low I could cry

HI all -

An unpleasant overnight, and I'm looking for your can't-fail remedies for
the way I felt this morning. I woke up at 3 mmol this morning, and I
suspect I was there for most of the night (I tested at 9.30pm at 5.2, had a
cream cracker that would have broutght me to 6.3, but didn't test again).
Now, I know this shows an excess of insulin, and I need to readjust my
basal rate for this time of the month (again! - will it never end?), but
what I want to know is, what do you do to make yourself feel better when
you wake up inthe morning with a BG like that and it feels like the top of
you head has been opened, your brain sliced in half, and the top taken

I had glucose tabs, a cream cracker (omnipresent by the side of my bed),
rescue remedy, a cup of tea, a walk to work, a cup of tea, breakfast, a cup
of tea. My head still feels unpleasant. I want it to go away. I have work
to do.

My anxiety over longterm complications has now been replaced with anxiety
about dying brain cells. I really do feel as if a significant portion of my
brain died last night. I don't want anymore of it to die - I need it!
Please send my your comforting words and advice.

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