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[IPk] Re: Pump Funding

Hello to everyone,
       I've not been around lately few problems i'm afraid, but have
constantly logged on to read everyones e-mails, some very interesting things
that i'll reply to even though its a bit late.
       Anyway funding!!!!!     the hospital I attend has 4 of us on the pump,
they in fact it could be more by now, and our supplies are also supplied by
the hospital,
  firstly approach the hospital ideally or the diabetic clinic and find out if
they have some sought of ameanity fund, or a fund which donations are put into
like a kitty of sorts,
  my hospital has its own separate fund made from donations from relative
       If your consultant backs pump therapy get him/her to apply for funding,
point out that for every day spent in a NHS hospital as an in patient the cost
is between #200-#300 per day, the year before I went on the pump I spent 58
days admitted, so the cost is easily accountable.
       The problem is the NHS red tape guys say why spend #2000 on a pump for
one person and apx #1000 a year running it when we can treat several people as
out patients, the answer being as mentioned above, less admittance to hospital
so less expenditure, better control of diabetes so less complications, so
lower visits to local GP for minor illnesses so less perscriptions and less of
a drain on NHS.
       I know its a bit long winded but its worked for one hospital it must
work for others, when my grandfather died last year we donated just under #500
I know it might sound morbid but its what all my family agreed because the
hospital had done so much for me, they thought it was the least they could do.
Now I can't believe ours is the only family that do this.
  In fact I know the two hospitals I attend both have told me buying equipment
this way is common practice, the problem is they can't use the funds to pay
staff to run projects or to provide support, but in our case we are our own
doctor and nurses so we dont need so much support.
       I know its not a surefire plan of getting funding, but maybe its
another avenue some of you may not be aware of and it might help.

  Bye for now,

  Dave Sayer
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