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[IPk] Re: Medics' reactions to pump

<email @ redacted> writes
>started new job today in obstetrics and gynaecology- after 6 months in
>general practice. I was wearing my pump in a prominent place. One 
>in general medicine asked me if it was a pager. Whem I explained about

>pump he asked me about the dosage(how much does it give- one unit per
>our?)  - yeah like I'd be constantly pigging out on mars bars. 
I also work in a hospital (as a medical physicist, in Nuclear
Medicine), and have seen reactions of this sort from physician
colleagues - I think part of this may be because in as much as they
encounter diabetes at all if it is not their specialty, they encounter
many more type 2's than type 1's, so think in terms of usage of large
amounts of insulin - though really I don't see why I should be writing
things in defence of people who should know better!

>He then said
>he thought it would only be useful for "brittle diabetics" 
>and when I said
>that it put the patient firmly in control of their condition and 
>about the necessity of monitoring bg at least 4x/ day he reacted as if

>was a really weird, unusual thing to do.
I have had this sort of reaction too, also the sort of reaction that if
I have this wonderful sophisticated tool, then of course it must mean
that with it, I would be in perfect control - wish it were so.  On the
one occasion when after having flu I got into ketoacidosis (this was
the first flu since since diagnosis of diabetes, so I didnt really know
how to deal with it)  and went off to the GP, he said "you have a pump,
you cannot possibly have ketoacidosis".

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