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Re: [IPk] Ketone Testing

When I was going through a bad patch with my consultant and he didn,t
want me to go bacck on the pump, he was suggesting all sorts of reasons
why my Diabetes was so difficult to control and trying to prescribe drugs
to facilitate better control- his point being that I may not have been
type 1 at all that I might of initially been wrongly diagnosed and really
had type 2 diabetes of the young it's former name was MODY or maturity
onset diabetes of the young. Even though when I think back it was
ridiculous I began testing for ketones as type 2s aren't supposed to
develop ketoacidosis and I can't really remember back to the age of 3!!
Despite having numerous BG's in the 20's I never had ketones in my urine.
I was (thinking back pre glucose monitors) once admitted with
keto-acidosis if had read my notes but that was 20 years before hand but
I wasn't thinking straight  as it seemed to me such a shock especially as
not having ketones in my urine seemed to prove his point- may! be I
hadn't really needed insulin in the beginning etc 

Once restarting the pump I have had the need to test for ketones but I
now realise that the teflon cannulae do not suit me as I seem to
experience poorer absorption and require more insulin. The presence of
ketones confirmed there was no insulin in my body and was most
reassuring!! I guess prepump there was always some long acting insulin
there, not enough to bring my blood sugar down but enough to keep the
ketones at bay, which is why .I preume type 2's don't develop
ketoacidosis so readily. My point being was that seeing ketones was
almost reassuring!!!! Carmel

>From: Susan Morrow <email @ redacted>

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>Subject: [IPk] Ketone Testing >Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 16:12:18 +0000
(GMT) > >Dear All > >I test for ketones when I have a high BM (over 15)
for >no obvious reason (i.e. eating 3 cakes with no bolus >which of
course I would never do!!). >My understading is that ketones mean a lack
of insulin >in the body or an illness. Therefore it may be that >the pump
has run into problems or you have an >infection going on somewhere. The
fact that there are >ketones would alert you to this. >Whether you have
ketones or not may dictate how you >will treat the high BM. If I find
ketones with a high >BM I take some humalog using a novopen in case there
>is a problem with my pump or site. If there are no >ketones I just take
an extra bolus using the pump. >Does this make any sense? I hope so! >
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