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Re: [IPk] dr scarpello

> Hello All,
> The advice given by our Diabetes team is that if you test above 15
> you should check ketones - particularly if there is no apparent
> reason for the high blood sugar. 

That is not bad advise, the question you must ask is:

What would you do differently if you did or did not detect keytones. 
It seems to me that if you test high there are always specific thing 
that should be done. 1) calculate an appropriate bolus to bring bg's 
down, 2) drink plenty of fluids, 3) try to figure out why bg's are 
high and take corrective action to prevent a recurrence.

I like John, fail to see what good the information about keytones is 
in real time except perhaps to diagnose a rebound from a hidden low 
while sleeping. Even that is a little iffy since one would not 
necessarily have keytones due to such an episode. It occurs to me 
that this procedure is more appropriate for those who do not 
routinely test their blood sugar and want information about how far 
out of whack they are. Sort of "back to the urine test" scenario. 
With the modern bg testing meters of the last few years, it seems to 
me the testing for ketones is superfluous. Bear in mind that this is 
just my opinion, not medical advise. For that, ask you doctor, but 
you might also ask what the purpose is for keytone testing and what 
actions should be taken differently than for high bg results.

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