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RE: [IPk] label

		It gave values for per 100g and also per 1/5th pack. I
calculated that 1/5th the packet was 150g. The company never said how
much was 1/5th. I guess they assumed people would know how much 1/5th
was. Unfortunately they didn't. Their value for fat equalled the amount
for 120g of product, the amount for energy equalled (say) 160g of
product.All within the same amount for 1/5th the product! None of the
values per serve (as 1/5 of the product) actually equalled that
amount... It is hard to say over the internet. Julette :-)

		On Thu, 08 Feb 2001, you wrote:
		>>I managed to find some
		>really poor labelling on a nutrition packet of potato
wedges from asda
		>which I have written to complain about the per serve
values of the
		>packet for the nutrients had been calculated from
120-160g weight - not
		>the 1/5 packet suggestion of 150g.

		I don't understand what you mean, Julette...
		How can they be calculated from 120-160g?
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