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Re: [IPk] Medics' reaction to the pump

It always amazes me that people who really should understand dm better 
obviously have no idea.  What hope is there for the ordinary person in the 

>From: "Abigail King" <email @ redacted>
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>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IPk] Medics' reaction to the pump
>Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 00:21:05 -0000
>started new job today in obstetrics and gynaecology- after 6 months in
>general practice. I was wearing my pump in a prominent place. One registrar
>in general medicine asked me if it was a pager. Whem I explained about a
>pump he asked me about the dosage(how much does it give- one unit per
>our?)  - yeah like I'd be constantly pigging out on mars bars. He then said
>he thought it would only be useful for "brittle diabetics" and when I said
>that it put the patient firmly in control of their condition and explained
>about the necessity of monitoring bg at least 4x/ day he reacted as if this
>was a really weird, unusual thing to do.
>An anaesthetist asked if I was wearing a 24 hour ECG machine and when I
>explained " no, 24 hour insulin" he expressed his apologies and asked if 
>become really  unstable. I was able to answer, not since having the pump.
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