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Re: [IPk] The time of my pump is running out!

Hi Ingrid

John is right. The clinic gave me a single pump which has just a few month 
left. Actually not the clinic but the doctor as I got my pump at his 
practice and not in a hospital. Now I've got the 82 alarm which means 2 
weeks left. I think the best thing to do is to call disetronic in Germany 
and ask them if they can supply me with the new model. If not, they HAVE TO 
send me the old one with express delivery! Otherwise.....


Ps I'm just trying to find out the FREE! number of Disetronic in Germany.

>From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
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>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IPk] The time of my pump is running out!
>Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 14:06:21 +0100
> >I still don't get it (sorry!).  Christian seemed to indicate that in two
> >weeks his pump will just "stop".  How does this work if you are 
> >your pumps every three months?
>Probably best if Christian explains his situation himself, but my guess is
>that his German clinic have unofficially given him a single pump with just
>a few months time left on the clock to tie him over till the new pump (the
>DTron) becomes available. ie he's not doing it by the book...
> >Do the pumps record how many days' usage you have had?
>I believe they do.
> >Sorry, I am considering a pump, and was freaking out with the thought of
> >having to pay #2500 every two years!
>From what Estelle says, it appears that is no longer the case.
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