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Re: [IPk] The time of my pump is running out!

Hi John

Sort of right, the pumps are sold in the UK, as you know, as a two pump set,
which is in effect 4 years worth of life/warranty. In this way, you always
have a working back up pump.  In germany i believe when  a patient received
their two pump set, they wear one for 2 years and then swap to the other.
In the UK, we do recommend that if you have two pumps, you swap them at
two-three month intervals for even usage.  If the patient does this, in
effect, they have the pumps for almost four years before the technical
inspection becomes an issue.

We think Disetronic's philosophy is a sensible one, each pump is guaranteed
for 2 years, there are no hidden costs or one off payments if your pump
unexpectedly breaks, and at the end of that two year period, you pay #150
per years worth of life/warranty and  your pump is totally overhauled and
reprogrammed, so in effect you are receiving a brand new pump for a fraction
of the original price and it will again be fully guaranteed for another 2

Realistically, you can compare it to having your car serviced,  you wouldn't
run your car for 4, 7 or 10 years without having it looked at would you?
It's a safety measure more than anything.

I hope this clarifies,

Kind regards

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