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Re: [IPk] The time of my pump is running out!

Please excuse my ignorance, but does this mean every two years you have to 
"buy" a new pump?

Seems pretty good for the pump manufacturers....


>From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IPk] The time of my pump is running out!
>Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 10:50:49 +0100
> >There were talks about a new Disetronic pump coming out very soon. A pump
> >for which you can use the insulin cartrige of a Pen. Does it already 
>The DTron. It was released in the UK January 2001. A friend of mine in
>Norway has one. Don't know about Germany.
> >My second question is about the "best before" date of my pump. The time 
> >my pump is running out in two weeks time. In the instructions, it says 
> >it will put itself to "stop" at that point. Will it still be working
> >afterwards?
>No - it stops working. You return it to the factory, where the internal
>clock is reset. Disetronic used to do this with all their European pumps,
>but they stopped this last year. You must have an old pump.
> >My third question concerns the NHS, as it does so often. The pump I have
> >right now is a borrowed one from Disetronic. I got it in late September 
> >a German doctor. I haven't seen him since then. He said it was better to
> >wait until the new pump is going to come out. So I have just this one 
> >When the time runs out, which will be in two weeks time, I need a
> >replacement immediately. Will the NHS pay for it or Disetronic/NHS supply 
> >with  a further pump I can borrow?
>This is only a guess, but if your German health insurers have paid for your
>pump, the contract will be with Disetronic Germany. So they must provide
>you with your "proper" pump. I suggest you telephone Disetronic Germany and
>discuss it with them. It's possible they may ask (pay?) Disetronic UK to
>supply you with the pump, but I don't know how the different national
>offices work together.
>I bought my MiniMed pump in Britain 3 years ago from AMT, and then moved to
>Germany. When I had a minor problem with the pump last year, AMT asked me
>to deal directly with the German office, which was OK.
> >I'm still entitled to get my two new pumps.
>Does the DTron come as a pair of pumps like the old HTron did? Can anyone
>tell me?
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