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[IPk] Re: replacing Disetronic pump

I replaced my Disetronic pump last week. It is apparently programmed to
stop totally and absolutely at the end of two years.  I had also wished
it would be possible to get the new latest and greatest version of
pump, but was told that it is still not ready.  
I am not living in England at present, so can't tell you anything about
who will pay.  Am dealing with the paperwork for that here at the
moment (large sigh - I hate paperwork).  
What the pump rep suggested to me was that since he was able to bring
me the new pump a few days before the terrible moment when the pump
would cease operating, that I remove the batteries and everything from
the old pump and put it away in a safe place, so that in the event that
there is a problem at any stage with the new pump (particularly at
night or weekend or some time when I could not immediately get a
replacement), I will have a backup which I could use for up to 4 days
if necessary.  Although I have not had a problem with the previous pump
in 2 years of use, and assume that the probability of a problem is low,
this is still reassuring.

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