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[IPk] The time of my pump is running out!

Hallo everybody

There were talks about a new Disetronic pump coming out very soon. A pump 
for which you can use the insulin cartrige of a Pen. Does it already exist?

My second question is about the "best before" date of my pump. The time of 
my pump is running out in two weeks time. In the instructions, it says that 
it will put itself to "stop" at that point. Will it still be working 

My third question concerns the NHS, as it does so often. The pump I have 
right now is a borrowed one from Disetronic. I got it in late September from 
a German doctor. I haven't seen him since then. He said it was better to 
wait until the new pump is going to come out. So I have just this one pump. 
When the time runs out, which will be in two weeks time, I need a 
replacement immediately. Will the NHS pay for it or Disetronic/NHS supply me 
with  a further pump I can borrow?

I'm still entitled to get my two new pumps. My German health insurance has 
already payed it back in September. There are problems though with 
contacting my German doctor here in the UK. So Disetronic should be able to 
deliver them to me in England? But I want the new model!

Thanks for your help!

Christian Koller
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