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[IPk] Re: Sites and Insertion

Having had a pump for nearly 20 years I can report that I have never 
encountered an absorption problem unless
1) Infection at the site - which I have had very occasionally (X2 per year)
2) Leave the tube & needle in too long. My record was 8 days - no infection 
but the needle eventually clogged up.

I have only ever used my abdomen, which means with an average change every 3 
days say 2300 insertions into my poor old abdomen. However using microbore 
tape from day one, there is very little external evidence that I have done 
this. I currently use Minimed bent needle with Wings 61cm version. Find this 
very comfortable, convenient and it suits me . However I don't think I could 
insert it and tape it down with one hand!

Ian Grant
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