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Re: [IPk] sites and insertion

Hi Kate

I heard all about you at the Disetronic training
weekend last year and was really impressed after
hearing about your successful pregnanacy using the

I already have a 3 year old and during that pregnancy
was using humalog 3 times a day and insulatard at
night. I managed to keep my HbA1 at about 6.4 but it
was a terrible struggle and I had real problems with
high waking BMs and loads of (mild) hypos. I managed a
normal induced delivery at 37 weeks but Andrew had to
spend 5 days in Special Care due to distress after
birth and then hypoglycaemia. It was a pretty worrying
time but fortunatly everything turned out fine and he
is a very healthy, intelligent, happy wee boy.

I got my pump only 2 weeks before falling pregnant
this time so it has been a steep learning curve for
me. I think in balance this pregnancy has been easier
due to the pump as my BMs are so much more easily
controlled. My HbA1's are better than my previous
pregnancy so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all
goes well this time. As I said before I've had no
problems yet inserting the tenders in my stomach. The
only thing I have noticed is that I need to change the
insulin cartridges a lot more often now. Initially I
was using about 28 units in total a day, now I'm up to
almost 50 and it's increasing all the time. I can't
wait to get hold of the new pump so that I can use the
pre-filled cartridges.I hate having to fill them as I
always seem to get the mosy stubborn air bubbles!

I'm trying to get as much rest as is possible with a
very active toddler at home! My husband and I are
going away this weekend on our own for two nights. He
wants to go walking and visiting local sites. I want
to take a good book, have lots of deep baths, eat a
lot and sleep a lot. I think I'll win! It will be my
last chance to have a rest for a long time.......



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