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Re: [IPk] type 2

>The situation with type 2 infuriates me as well. OK I know it can be an
>insidious disease that can smoulder on long before diagnosis and result in
>complications by the time of diagnosis
>But I don't think"mild" is such a terrible misnomer- or perhaps it should
>I certainly consider it less severe than type 1. A young child with a
>chronic illness, unable to achieve normoglycaemia even with disabling hypos,
>interrupted schooling, frustration of being different , perhaps having
>complications by the time they reach young adulthood. Perhaps loosing hypo
>awareness and not being allowed to drive or continue in their job, feeling
>unwell much of the time. Facing a medical profession who are all too fond of
>either blaming the patient or trivialising the condition, or take little
>interest when the patient does want to improve health by insulin pump or
>other means

Abigail, I really don't think we should be getting into this kind of debate.
You can't compare illnesses. It' like saying it's worse to be deaf than
blind. Some type IIs find it easy to manage, some have exactly the same
problems as type Is, and some even more so. Almost all your arguments can
equally be applied to type IIs, and they also have the disadvantage of not
having their condition treated as serious by the medical profession (and
public). And as for a type II getting on a pump, in most cases that's even
harder to achieve than for a type I.
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