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Re: [IPk] Long time pump use and sites

>  What kind of insulin is she using in her pump 
> >- perchance Humalog -- is she sensitive to Humalog?? About 5% of the 
> >pumper population has site problems with H.
> Possibly - I'm not sure - but if she had problems with Humalog ,
> wouldn't she have had them from the word go, not suddenly?

I'm not real sure. We know so little about this problem in scientific 
terms. Ancedotal evidence seems to indicate that there may be some 
sort of onset. At least a couple of users have taken injections of 
Humalog for some time only to discover that they are "very" allergic 
to the stuff when they tried to pump it. Bob Burnett and Mike Jensen. 
With my daughter, it seem as thought H was a superlative insulin, 
then over a period of many weeks her bg's became more and more 
unstable, her sites seemed to go haywire at unpredictable times and 
generally control was very difficult. We switched back to Velosulin 
and everything stabalized immediately. That is when we opted for 
mixed insulins and that seemed to fix the problems. I'm not 
necessarily advocating that path for this particular person, too 
little is known. There are certainly some experiments that could be 
run to isolate the cause of her difficulty. She could be allergic to 
the particular plastic in the set she is using or something like that 
as well. I think the solution lies in carefully eliminating all the 
problem possiblilities one at a time.

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