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Re: [IPk] Long time pump use and sites

On Fri, 02 Feb 2001, you wrote:
>> Carrying on from the thread about site deterioration, someone asked
>> me for info about long time pump users' experience with sites. A
>> pumper who has been using a pump for something like 20 years is
>> having problems with absorption (like getting no absorption at all)
>> - she's tried all possible sites apparently, all types of set, and
>> even various pump models, all to no avail. She is currently taking a
>> 6 month pump break in the hope that this will rest the sites a bit.
>> I couldn't think of any alternatives either. I know there are a few
>> long-term pumpers out there - any experience of this? Michael - any
>> word of wisdom from the US pumpers on this? 
>There is some information missing. Has she tried other sites, hips, 
>buttocks, arms, etc...

Michael, as it says in my post, she has tried all possible sites.

 What kind of insulin is she using in her pump 
>- perchance Humalog -- is she sensitive to Humalog?? About 5% of the 
>pumper population has site problems with H.

Possibly - I'm not sure - but if she had problems with Humalog , wouldn't
she have had them from the word go, not suddenly?
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