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Re: [IPk] Long time pump use and sites

> Carrying on from the thread about site deterioration, someone asked
> me for info about long time pump users' experience with sites. A
> pumper who has been using a pump for something like 20 years is
> having problems with absorption (like getting no absorption at all)
> - she's tried all possible sites apparently, all types of set, and
> even various pump models, all to no avail. She is currently taking a
> 6 month pump break in the hope that this will rest the sites a bit.
> I couldn't think of any alternatives either. I know there are a few
> long-term pumpers out there - any experience of this? Michael - any
> word of wisdom from the US pumpers on this? 

There is some information missing. Has she tried other sites, hips, 
buttocks, arms, etc... What kind of insulin is she using in her pump 
- perchance Humalog -- is she sensitive to Humalog?? About 5% of the 
pumper population has site problems with H.

Absent Humalog sensitivity, it is my understanding that scar tissue, 
etc... only affects the length of time it takes to absorb insulin, 
not whether or not it is absorbed. This would not change on 
injections if they are made at the same site. If injections work for 
her then and infusion site in the same area would reasonably be 
expected to work as well. Again, absent a sensitivity to the insulin 
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