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Re: [IPk] Long time pump use and sites

>Carrying on from the thread about site deterioration, someone asked me for
>info about long time pump users' experience with sites. A pumper who has
>been using a pump for something like 20 years is having problems with
>absorption (like getting no absorption at all) - she's tried all possible
>sites apparently, all types of set, and even various pump models, all to no
>avail. She is currently taking a 6 month pump break in the hope that this
>will rest the sites a bit. I couldn't think of any alternatives either. I
>know there are a few long-term pumpers out there - any experience of this?

I've heard tales like this from some longterm pumpers, but not from others...

I wonder whether the metal needles - which were all that were available in
the early days - cause worse scarring than the flexible teflon ones?

Certainly limiting yourself to maximum of 2 days per infusion set might
minimise the longterm internal scarring.

Looking ahead from my own point view, I do not intend to be using a pump in
20 years time!!! I know we have been promised a cure "some time soon" for
decades now (and I'm celebrating my 24th anniversary of diagnosis today),
but I get the impression that things are starting to move very fast now. 13
out of 15 people cured so far with the Edmonton Protocol. Longterm side
effects of the required anti-rejection drugs are not well known yet, but
the longterm side effects of diabetes *are* well known, and I guess you
have to do a balance at some point. Main sticking point seems to be the
severe shortage of fresh human beta-cells, but the vote in UK parliament
this week allowing stem cell research may allow us to grow them in a lab.


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