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Re: [IPk] The two-battery shuffle

>But I was clever, a bit. I whipped out my permanent marker and drew a black
>line around the edge of the wasted battery. This way I won't have to
>discard all three batteries next week when I get fresh ones - I can just
>replace the wasted one. Lucky I was at work when this happened, where I
>have access to a selection of permanent markers. I've resolved to add a
>thin-point one to the eclectic collection in my diabetes gear bag. Just in
>case.  Into the battery case went the new batteries, in went the old

Cunning! You could also mark the other 2 used batteries so that if the
power does start to go (it might go suddenly) you have another 2 to use as
the 3rd one.

Doubtless you'll find the missing 3rd new battery just when you've got back
from the weekend!

I don't usually bother carrying spare batteries around, unless I'm going
away for more than a couple of days, which in theory means there's less
chance  of losing the spares!Maddening, isn't it?

But don't you take a syringe/pen and some long-acting insulin
when you go away, just in case you pump breaks or something?
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