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[IPk] The two-battery shuffle

I'm annoyed with my chemist, because they never rang me, but I should
really be annoyed with myself for not following them up.

When I collected my supplies at the beginning of January, my chemist hadn't
any batteries. I asked them to order them and ring me when they came in.
They didn't, and I just trundled on with the non-battery parts of my life
and didn't think about it - very preoccupied these days.

I've had a low battery indicator for a couple of days but I didn't worry
because I had three batteries left (you know what's coming next, don't
you?). This morning, while I was pumping my breakfast insulin, my low
battery icon changed to a No Power alert message. I ran back to my desk,
dumped the contents of my handy blue Minimed-supplied diabetes gear bag all
over my work and discovered ... I had only two batteries. [insert expletive
expletive linking word expletive] My chemist is across town, we're going
west to Galway directly after work this afternoon, and this list has read
many an example of how useless jewellers' batteries are. Wasted in a day or

I had three options, I figured:

1) Rely on my Soluble insulin pen and inject every five hours over the
2) Stop at home on the way to the N3 to collect a bottle of Lente or Zn,
one of which would be in date, but both of which probably aren't
3) Do the battery shuffle and hope that my two batteries have enough power
to keep the third, wasted battery working.

I absolutely dread the thought of going back on to a long/short acting
regime again, especially for just a day or two, so option 2) wasn't really
an option. And my partner tells me I'm suffering deep exhaustion, so option
1) wasn't a runner because it means interrupting whatever sleep I might get
in Galway. Which left me with the daring and foolhardy option 3...

But I was clever, a bit. I whipped out my permanent marker and drew a black
line around the edge of the wasted battery. This way I won't have to
discard all three batteries next week when I get fresh ones - I can just
replace the wasted one. Lucky I was at work when this happened, where I
have access to a selection of permanent markers. I've resolved to add a
thin-point one to the eclectic collection in my diabetes gear bag. Just in
case.  Into the battery case went the new batteries, in went the old

And it worked! I am happy, my pump is happy, and there's no sign of a low
battery icon on my screen. It will get me through the weekend. I just hope
I don't forget next week to go and collect my batteries! I think I'll buy
an extra box or two...

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