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[IPk] Pump article in Balance

Dear All

You might remember that I mailed the list a week or so ago saying that I had
written to the Editor of Balance with a proposal for a "pumper's diary".  

I got a response from him yesterday, and I have to say that it was somewhat
patronising.  He said that (sic) 'pumps were interesting, however they had
featured pumps in a recent issue (July/August 99) but they would keep my
letter on file'.  I am not saying that they should have said "yes" but the
tone of the letter was ever so condescending.  I had highlighted the recent
increase in UK pump usage in my letter - but get the feeling from his
response that it is not of interest..............  Probably I am just a bit
offended and being palmed off like I am stupid!

Interestingly, I also got a letter from the Family and Young People
Volunteers team at Diabetes UK.  I had volunteered to work on one of their
children's holidays.  This letter was equally dismissive and said, (sic
again!)  'we get a lot of non medical volunteers, can't accommodate you all,
if you do not hear from us in the next 9 weeks, we don't need you'.  I know
charity's have to cut costs, but there are ways and means of being efficient
- whilst not cheesing off the enthusiast.

Diabetes UK needs to become a bit more positive.

Sorry for the rant...........

Audrey Sheal
IDDM 20 years+, Pumper 4 months 

Scottish Enterprise Network

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