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Re-Re: [IPk] putting my case forward & update as requested by Abigail

Hi Sharon,

A person who has the coeliac disease or condition is unable to tolerate
gluten. Gluten is part of the protein found in wheat and several other
cereals. The gluten irritates and damages the walls of the small intestine
and if you continue to eat foods containing gluten you will not absorb iron
and various vitamins etc. that the body needs to perform its daily
functions. There are various symptoms, it is unusual for someone to have all
the symptoms and no two people seem to have the same combination. I have
become slightly anaemic and keep losing weight even though I now have a
special diet. I need a course of iron injections about every 18-24 months, I
am unable to tolerate iron tablets they just upset my tummy.

The special diet means bread, biscuits or cake made with flour that is made
up from a combination of  the following: Maize (Corn), Rice, Potato,
Tapioca, Buck Wheat (this is gluten free), Soya and a number of other foods.
Some coeliacs can
tolerate wheat from which the gluten has been removed but I am not able to
tolerate wheat at all.

Just as a matter of general interest, the percentage of people with diabetes
who also develop the coeliac condition has been increasing over recent
years, I wonder why this is?

People with the problem need to be careful eating out or buying prepared
food either in cans, packages or jars, it may have wheat flour added as a
filler. Although this situation is a bit of a nuisance, it is even worse for
people like my wife who has both the nut and dairy allergy.

Hope that I have answered your question adequately.


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