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[IPk] my eyes

Thanks everyone for the advice so far.  I'm keeping in mind John's point 
that I should consider what's been going on ever a period of time, say the 
past day, as well as when I actually have the pressure.  I would have to do 
a lot of record searching to confirm whether there's always a lot of topsy 
turvy BGs when I have this problem, but there certainly has been recently 
when I've had the pressure in my eyes.

I wonder can sugar migrate in and out of the lens in such a short period of 
time, say a day or two of fluctuating BGs?  I had terrible problems for the 
week after I went on insulin and the sugar started migrating out of my 
lenses.  I didn't know whether or not to wear my glasses, because I couldn't 
see with or without them.  The doctor said it would clear up after a few 
weeks, when my lenses returned to their original myopic shape, and indeed it 
did.  Someone commented that they had never heard of  this before:  
apparently our bodies will use the lenses in our eyes as a storage place for 
excess sugar.  I would be surprised, however, if it resorts to this after 
only a day or two of fluctuating BGs.  Perhaps the pressure I feel is the 
sugar trying to get into my lenses!

thanks again,

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