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Re: [IPk] letters to BDA

>The reason you have not received any replies, to date is that for some
>reason, which is best not disclosed as it could be libelous, the head
>office have not, yet forwarded any of the letters to the trustees.

Since I leaked, to this list, part of Paul Streets' letter to me, I might
as well leak my reply:

>Paul Streets
>Chief Executive
>British Diabetic Association
>28 February 2000
>Dear Paul
>Thanks for your letter of 18 February. I am encouraged by
>what you say, and I await with great interest the opinion of
>the DCAC in the next few weeks.
>You mention the circular link: funding absence leads to low
>use which leads to low campaign priority. I do hope you
>appreciate how far behind other similar European countries
>Britain has slipped. There are well over 20,000 people with
>type 1 diabetes using an insulin pump in Germany. This
>represents nearly 15% of the type 1 diabetic population. And
>the number is growing rapidly. The equivalent number in
>Britain is around 400. Something very odd has clearly
>happened. People choose to use a pump because, to suitable
>candidates, it brings vastly superior blood glucose control
>at far less inconvenience. Tens of thousands of people in
>Britain are being denied this. I quote Lord Hunt in his
>recent press release "People with diabetes deserve access to
>top quality standards of care and treatment".
>One further matter: I have been in touch privately with a
>number of trustees of the BDA. It appears that the letters I
>sent to all the trustees individually care of the BDA on 10
>February have not yet been forwarded to them. This concerns
>me greatly. I am sure you can give me your assurance that
>the letters will be forwarded in an efficient and
>appropriate manner.
>With best wishes
>Yours sincerely
>John Neale

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