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>Hi Carol,
>Again I don't know if this will be of any help (my knowledge of the north
>is not great). There is one doctor in Middlesborough General Hospital, who
>has experience of pumps, from their early days and has (with his wife who
>is a DSN) been practising in diabetes for many years. He is a very
>approachable person and if you were to contact him he may be able to put
>some sense into Naomi's consultant. The person I speak of is Dr Rudi
>Bilous, he is a consultant diabetologist at Middles borough. I realise that
>is north Yorkshire rather than west, but it is possible (if unlikely) he
>may be able to provide some help.

Carol - I appreciate your frustration, but it is essential that you have
the full support of a diabetes clinic that is itself fully trained in the
modern use of insulin pumps. The pump support charity INPUT will be able to
put you in touch with your nearest suitable clinic, and you should be able
to get a referral. INPUT can be contacted on tel: 01425 629773.

I don't usually say this in public, but one other route to getting a pump
cheap is to buy a used one. Minimed will usually service a used pump for a
small fee. Disetronic may do the same. I don't know. Pumps are available
for sale on http://www.ebay.com from time to time. American health
insurance will often provide a newer model of a pump, while the old one is
still working very well. These are the used pumps that then come on the

But at the end of the day, you should not start using a pump until you have
found adequate funding for the continuing project. Infusion sets and other
disposables can cost a further one thousand pounds a year. Some clinics
will fund these themselves. Others require you to provide the money


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