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Re: Fw: [IPk] a question and an update

At 26-02-00 11:51 -0800, you wrote:

>I suggest you read this explanation of how an erection occurs from
>the United States National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and
>Kidney Diseases ( NIDDK ) web site.

Thank you for your suggestion, if you don't mind I will take a quote from 
the first or second email you sent to me, 'don't write about things about 
which you know nothing'. Did you know that until two decades ago medical 
institutions wrote articles stating that there was absolutely no genetic 
connection concerning (type1) diabetes. Dietary advice not long before that 
was to eat a lot of fat, for diabetics.
I have seen a number of specialists dealing with impotence, I have 
experience of the problem, for more than twice as long as when I suspect 
your primary interest in diabetes evolved. I have had the cause explained 
to me very clearly and it makes sense. I realise that neurology can (but 
not always) play a part in the problem. If you talk about dilation, rather 
than contraction please explain to me how some of the mechanical 
instruments that are made for retaining erections work.
The basis behind an erection is that blood gets into the penis faster than 
it can get out, given that if blood flow is restricted outside the penis, 
there will be problems. I have personal experience of the problem, I have 
also experience of listening to some medical professionals explaining how 
something (about which they have no experience) works. Exactly opposite 
arguments have been put forward and the decision has simply resulted from a 
ballot of those present. This often depends upon who is the better talker 
(politician) or who has more money.
I am very interested to know how it is that Americans suffer from a 
complaint for completely different reasons to Europeans.

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