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At 26-02-00 21:23 +0000, you wrote:
>THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY, when we approached Naomi's consultant and all we got
>I am having a real problem finding charities I do have a small list and they
>all seem to want a social worker or someone of that ilk to approach them for
>help, we don't have such a person, I did try phoning our ;ocal social
>services and they said VERY patronisingly we don't get involved with that
>sort of thing dear!!!!!!! sorry you are on your own etc....... So far we
>have managed( with alot of help from friends and family ) to raise almost
>1,000 one of Naomi's younger sisiters and her friends had a bring and buy
>sale today and raised 210, we have been to the local papers and the people
>of our village have been great but now we could really do with hitting the
>charities, we could do with someone official out there to act as go between
>but we can't seem to find someone who will get inolved it is very anti-pump
>THE LEAST, ESPECIALLY DR KEMP Naomi's consultant. By the way we had articles
>in two local papers, i'm sure that there is a way to do this but just have
>not found it yet.

Hi Carol,
Again I don't know if this will be of any help (my knowledge of the north 
is not great). There is one doctor in Middlesborough General Hospital, who 
has experience of pumps, from their early days and has (with his wife who 
is a DSN) been practising in diabetes for many years. He is a very 
approachable person and if you were to contact him he may be able to put 
some sense into Naomi's consultant. The person I speak of is Dr Rudi 
Bilous, he is a consultant diabetologist at Middles borough. I realise that 
is north Yorkshire rather than west, but it is possible (if unlikely) he 
may be able to provide some help.
The other suggestion I offer is to contact the Charities Commission, to ask 
for a list of any charities that may be able to help. They maintain a 
public register of charities, and they may charge you for information they 
give (but for what you are asking I think not). The nearest point of 
contact for you with them is:
2nd Floor,
20 King's Parade,
Queen's Dock'
Liverpool L3 4DQ
Tel. 0151 703 1500.
Web site: www.charity-commission.gov.uk
Keep trying, if the worst comes to the worst it is possible to make use of 
syringe drivers, made by Graseby, which cost under 1k but require somewhat 
complex adaptions with saline and if you went forth in this way, do not say 
that I recommended it! - They work basically the same way as the original 
pumps and are heavy and large, but if you got desperate they could be a 
last resort.
I hope this might be of some use.

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