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Re: [IPk] letters to BDA

>The Charity Commission agrees with you, John.  Perhaps this is why no-
>one has replied to me.  I have not even had an acknowledgement card of
>the 'thank you for your letter, I've noted your views' card.
>Best wishes,
>Pat Reynolds

Hi Pat,
The reason you have not received any replies, to date is that for some 
reason, which is best not disclosed as it could be libelous, the head 
office have not, yet forwarded any of the letters to the trustees.
Given dates at which they were sent and knowing that John, in Germany, has 
received a reply to a letter to the chief-exec (in head office) we (the 
trustees) would have expected to have received mail by now, but it would 
appear they are purposefully being retained. If you so wish I can forward 
home addresses of some trustees, (those who would act in the 'correct' 
manner), in which a letter asking if they have received any communication 
from head office about pumps, would cause them to start asking why the mail 
has been restrained. That would also give myself freedom to make enquiries.
I had been intending letting everyone know that no mail has yet been 
received, as I state above to make clear my views might not be in the best 
interests. If I simply say that someone thinks of himself in the same 
manner as Tony Blair would appear to think of himself I had best go no further.
That is the reason for no replies. It could also be useful if you were to 
write to the Chief-exec, saying that you did not think the trustees were 
doing their job, because you had not received a single reply, having 
written to every one of them. By so doing the 'cat would be amongst the 
pigeons' and I think the letters would be forwarded.
Best wishes,

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