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Fw: [IPk] a question and an update

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From: Jeremy GRAINGER <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Saturday, 26 February, 2000 03:13
Subject: Re: [IPk] a question and an update

> > Impotence is caused by nerve damage which interfers with the
> > vascular system which must dialate during an erection. The nerve
> > damage prevents proper dialation. In addition there is physical
> > damage to the small blood vessels which make this problem more
> > severe.
> > Michael
> Michael
> On this occasion you are talking out of your ****, impotence is one of
> few complications I have sffered from personally. It was very clearly
> explained to me the cause. It was not psycological, due to physical
> that occurred at another time of the day/night, so that (the most common
> reason for the problem, in the general public) was ruled out. No doubt you
> know more than one of the top diabetic professors in the world, but his
> explanation does not align with yours in any way, apart from that it can
> connected to neurology, but as I have been involved in over 10 diabetic
> research projects I have often been told how very good my nerves are. I
> one reflex action that does not work properly, but the researcher told me
> that she would have been astonished if that reflex had not been damaged,
> because it usually fails after people have had diabetes less than 10
> The vascular system does not dilate (I assume you mean dilate when you
wtite dialate - no such word exists in my dictionary), it contracts,
restricting the outflow
> of blood, which is what causes the erection. The diabetic damage is that
> blood is not able to get into the penis quickly enough, due to the
> restrictions in the blood flow sytem, caused over the years by higher than
> normal blood sugars.
> I am sure that as a parent of a female with diabetes you have been very
> concerned about this possible complication from diabetes and have studied
> so please refer to people who treat the complication because they have
> obviously got the wrong idea.
> Jeremy.

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