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[IPk] Pasta and Pizza

>Also I'd be interested to know peoples comments about the silhoette set
>compared to the sof set. I'm trying the sil. after some skin irration under
>the wings of the sof. I find it more comfortable so far and like the smaller
Hi Paul,
I had a similar experience with irritation under the sof. wings and the angle of the sof. canula means that it digs into me and so becomes painful very quickly- I don't have too much padding :-)  I have never experienced any discomfort with the sil. however due to the fact that you can't loop the tube under the adhesive, I find it more vulnerable if it gets pulled.  The big disadvantage with the sil. is the cost, you can use a transparent dressing (such as op-site) under your infusion set to prevent skin contact with the sof. Also, have you tried the bent needle, it's surprisingly comfortable and by far the most streamline infusion set.  Useful if you are into figure hugging clothes!