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Re: [IPk] a question and an update

> >
> >It is a common feeling -- my daughter gets it when she is high. It is
> >cause by increased pressure within the eye. I don't know the exact
> >mechanics, but it has to do with the presence of glucose in the fluid
> >which can apparently get inside OK, but then can not get out at the
> >same rate.
> >
> >Michael
> Strange this explanation, if the same thing happened all around the
> body, diabetes (high blood-sugars) would cause an increase in
> likelihood of erections, rather than as it often does impotence.
Impotence is caused by nerve damage which interfers with the 
vascular system which must dialate during an erection. The nerve 
damage prevents proper dialation. In addition there is physical 
damage to the small blood vessels which make this problem more 
> The
> answer may be provided by the JDF at their conference discussion
> session (sexual malfunctions). It could be interesting, you should
> fly over for it Michael. Look forward to seeing you Jeremy

One of the docs explained the eye business to me some time ago, I 
probably don't have it completely straight but this is as close as I 
can remember. The shape of the lens of the eye actually changes due 
to the increased pressure within it (not the vitreous humor).

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