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Re: [IPk] a question and an update

>> I'm asking for common experience and suggestions because my
>> consultants always dismiss this experience.
>It is a common feeling -- my daughter gets it when she is high. It is
>cause by increased pressure within the eye. I don't know the exact
>mechanics, but it has to do with the presence of glucose in the fluid
>which can apparently get inside OK, but then can not get out at the
>same rate.

Why are doctors - diabetes specialists who have made an academic speciality
in the study of diabetes - unable to provide a simple explaination like

Do they think we are too stupid or something?

Diabetes is a complex, chronic and life-threatening illness. The ultimate
course of the disease is strongly linked to how well we control it
ourselves. We *need* this sort of info in order to understand our own
bodies, and so take the best possible control of our diabetes.

elizabeth - if a doctor ever accused me of being obsessive about my
diabetes, I would ask them how much time they had spent in a terminal-care
ward, watching people fall apart and die of diabetic complications, and
whether they felt the established link between tight control and these
complications was perhaps then just a piece of fiction...


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