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Re: [IPk] a question and an update

>I get a funny feeling in my eyes when my blood sugar is high, but not that
>high:  it starts somewhere around 7 mmol.  It's part of my high blood sugar
>symptoms.  For example, this morning when I got to work I was at 8.9, and I
>felt like my brain and my eyes were wrapped in a few layers of warm, wet
>washrags.  This feeling tends to go away the higher my BGs rise, so I'll
>feel absolutely miserable at 8, but I'll feel fine at 12.

I've never had this experience with my eyes, but I certainly have with my
brain. I used to call it feeling like a piece of chewed string... don't
know if that has any resonance. It is, I believe, connected not so much
with what your bg is at present, but rather what it has been doing for the
last 24 hours. Any excursions, up or down, have knock-on effects much much
later. In the non-diabetic, insulin is used to distribute glucose, as
glycogen, in different parts of the body in differing amounts at different
times. We can't achieve that degree of precision - all we can do is to
attempt to maintain our bg in a normal range most of the time. So when you
find yourself feeling funny sometimes, take a look at the whole 24-profile
of your bg - don't concentrate on the present so much.

People who have high bg's after breakfast sometimes find that the origin of
the problem is what their bg's have been doing during the night.


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