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Re: [IPk] Pump Syringes/Cartridges

>Can they be reused, if so how many times and are there any problems in
>doing so?

Steven - I don't know about the D cartridges, but with the Minimed
cartridges the lubricant coating the inside of the cartridge can wear thin
after a couple of uses, and cause the No Delivery alarm to trigger.

>The same question arose regarding the tubing for the Tender sets. At the
>moment most people seem to use it for about 6 days (2 tender sets).

I've over-re-used tubing, and the tubing will split. By the plastic stub
that screws into the cartridge. The more you re-use it, the greater the
chance. And of course, if the tubing splits, you won't get any alarm. The
insulin will just leak, and your bg's go very high. For that reason, I
think using the tubing for a maximum of a week is wise.


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