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[IPk] a question and an update

I'm curious to know if anyone else has this problem:

I get a funny feeling in my eyes when my blood sugar is high, but not that 
high:  it starts somewhere around 7 mmol.  It's part of my high blood sugar 
symptoms.  For example, this morning when I got to work I was at 8.9, and I 
felt like my brain and my eyes were wrapped in a few layers of warm, wet 
washrags.  This feeling tends to go away the higher my BGs rise, so I'll 
feel absolutely miserable at 8, but I'll feel fine at 12.

I'm asking for common experience and suggestions because my consultants 
always dismiss this experience.  It's one of the things I mentioned at my 
last appointment that led my present consultant to tell me I'm obsessed with 
diabetes and my insulin regime is crazy (but at least he still prescribed 
the pump!)  However, his comments don't change what I feel in my body.  I'm 
particularly concerned because I recently read (at Medscape, I believe), 
that the BG threshold for the start of retinopathy is much lower than was 
previously believed. Yes, I know I'm full of anxiety, but if your eyes felt 
like mine, you would be too.  So far they say I have no damage (that they 
can see), but as you may imagine I have little faith in the Irish medical 

On the pump front, I have an appointment on Monday with the diabetes day 
centre.  I'll be getting my blood results back from my clinic visit, and I 
think we're supposed to arrange dates to start me on the pump.  However, I'm 
waiting to hear back from the AMT rep as to when the 508 will be available 
in Ireland, and until I have that info there's not much to plan for.

Everyday I walk to and from work, and everyday I do it I think about how 
much easier it will be to manage my BGs during that exercise once I have my 
pump.  I hope I don't have to wait much longer!

Thanks for any comments or suggestions about my eyes.

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