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Re: [IPk] Re: BDA Trustees

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From: Steven J Sexton <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Wednesday, 23 February, 2000 07:43
Subject: [IPk] Re: BDA Trustees

> Hi All
> In the next issues of Balance their will be nomination forms for the BDA
> Board of Tustees.  There are 5 vacancies this year - 4 non medically
> qualified and 1 medically qualified. The closing date for nominations will
> be 24 March.
> Some of may want to consider standing. I stood last year, nominated by
> but didn't get elected. I haven't made up my mind whether to stand again
> not.
> An up to date application pack is available from the BDA Karen Thomson or
> Elaine Thurgood on 020 7462 2618 or 020 7462 2619 or
email @ redacted
> Steven
To follow on from the above, if you do apply, the person who nominates you
plays a more important part than who you are. eg. If you were nominated by
the chairman there is almost no doubt that you would be ellected. It is also
unfortunate but you will have a much better chance of election if your name
is near the beginning of the alphabet, having reviewed elections over the
last five years on average 3 of the first 4 named people have been elected
(only four are ellected). If you were to get your local consultant or DSN to
propose you it can be advantageous, or a current trustee. While there are
four places open for election this year in reality there are only two,
because two of the nominees are virtually guaranteed election. Only about 3%
of BDA members ever bother to vote so there is advantage to be got from
belonging to a group (such as IP-UK) and asking them to promote you to other
diabetics they know. It is also advantageous to have had diabetes a long
These are just guides if anyone does stand, which I promote - the board
needs new influences.

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