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[IPk] Babies and diabetes

Hi -

I just want to thank everyone who has sent their good wishes to me and my
wife, Julia, on the birth of our son Christopher. For the curious, pictures
are now available at http://www.webshowcase.net/baby :-) During the the
great event of the birth - about 24 hours start to finish - I was more or
less able to forget about the diabetes, and thanks to the pump it looked
after itself.

It's certainly been an interesting time for me diabetes-wise. It is now
known that a man will undergo similar major hormonal fluctuations during
pregnancy as his wife. I've certainly found funny things going on with
hormones v. diabetes, and believe that "the diabetic pregnancy" is not
strictly a female issue!

In the last few months, I seem to have experienced a constantly changing
insulin requirement, which has caused me to be in the constant crisis
management mode of testing and adjusting. I try to do this a light handedly
as possible, but I always seem to end up impatiently throwing too much
insulin at a problem. Any semblance of finely tuned basal rates had gone
out of the window. After the birth 7 days ago, I resolved to sort things
out. It may be a bit soon, but I reset all my basal rates to a constant 0.8
units per hour. I had a mild night hypo, so I cut everything to 0.7 units
per hour. Things now seem a lot steadier. I'll starting tweaking it once
the domestic situation settles down. I'm also being rigorous about carb
counting once again - at 15g per unit - something I get rather lax about
sometimes and start guessing.

I've also had a few other health problems which have added to the
confusion: mild flu before Christmas, mother-in-law induced stress over
Christmas(!), and a weird eye condition that may or may not be uveitis,
which I've been treating with steroids. (This will almost certainly have
contributed to the changing insulin need - I'm now tapering off the
steroids, and my eyes are much better).

I'm also in this new estate of fatherhood! People ascribe the weirdness to
sleep deprevation, but to be honest I've been getting a full night's sleep,
and still feel elated and exhausted all the time :-) We're going for 100%
breast milk for the first 6 months, which is reckoned to minimise the risk
of allergic and auto-immune illness later in life. That will hopefully
reduce the risk of my diabetes ever being triggered in my son.

Excuse me, I've just had a baby wee all over me! Must go :-)


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