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Re: [IPk] Re: BDA Trustees

>In the next issues of Balance their will be nomination forms for the BDA
>Board of Tustees.

Thanks for that tip Steve.

I had an interesting letter this morning from Paul Streets, the Chief
Executive of the BDA. I had included him in my mail-shot of "I'm on a pump
and most UK hospitals won't fund them" letters to the BDA.

He writes:

"Our own Diabetes Care Advisory Committee is considering our own position
on pumps in the next couple of weeks but one of the difficulties of picking
this up as a a major campaign is the limited use of pumps in Britain. I
know this is a circular argument but our success over pen needles was based
on the number of people who were affected. [...] With so few pump users, it
is unlikely that we could build up enough pressure for the Department of
Health to consider use of this technology. [...]

We are aware however that pump therapy is likely to be more widespread and
we will consider whether we should take it up as an issue with the
Department of Health."

A slightly guarded, jumbled response, I know. If anyone is thinking of
writing to the BDA, but has not got round to it yet, do it now!!! There is
just a little time left for it to have a strong impact. The BDA will
shortly be officially thinking this thing through. Names, addresses and
ideas can be found at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/screen4_2.html

What I said in my letter was that I currently live in Germany, and get the
best control ever using a pump, but when I return to Britain (which I may
do in the next year or two) few clinics will fund the infusion sets, so I
may face a charge of maybe a thousand pounds a year, just to continue with
the treatment method that has been found to suit me best. This sort of
national lottery cannot be right. The DoH must be lobbied to fund infusion
sets and other disposables.

I decided to go for a limited, achievable goal. In the long run, of course
pumps themselves must be automatically funded, and a nationwide support
network put in place. But the capital cost of the pump is not the major
expense: it's the infusion sets.


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