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Re: [IPk] Re: [IPK] a plea

> > > +AD4- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can people try not to send
> > > If you have received an email, from myself in HTML format,
> > > the computer (Outlook Express) changed its settings itself.
> >
> > aka "Outrage Express" courtesy of Microsloth
> > ---------------------------------------------------
> > "You have moved your mouse.
> > Please re-boot to have this change take effect"
> Hi Michael,
> As your message would appear to be offering advice to myself, 

No, I wasn't. Just and attempt a humorous commentary. 

> As I said at the
> beginning, would you explain what you mean. I also note that the
> hybrid term referred to for Outlook Express (Outrage...) can be very
> misleading as my video/graphics card is made by a company called
> "Rage", it is always advisable to use the correct terms, in writing.

It sometimes is difficult heh... heh.. <vbg> Microsloth .. er .. 
Microsoft make such great products like Outrage .. er.. Outlook 
Express. Of course, it has some great?? competitors for mail 
programs.... like Netscape and a few others.

> Thanks I look forward to discovering what the rodent in my house did
> that was unchaste. I also note that if Eudora could be bothered to
> reply to an email, none of the above would not have arisen. Yours

You might want to take a look at the freebee Pegasus.... very nice


Best Regards,

email @ redacted
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