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[IPk] Re: [IPK] a plea

----- Original Message -----
From: Diana Maynard +ADw-d.maynard+AEA-dcs.shef.ac.uk+AD4-
To: +ADw-ip-uk+AEA-insulin-pumpers.org.uk+AD4-
Sent: Tuesday, 15 February, 2000 17:43
Subject: +AFs-IPk+AF0- a plea

+AD4- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can people try not to send
+AD4- messages in html?
+AD4- There are quite a few people doing it (Estelle,
+AD4- Jeremy, Wendy and others) and it really messes things
+AD4- up for those of us who get the digest or who have
+AD4- certain types of email package.
+AD4- If you don't know how to turn it off, just ask+ACE-
+AD4- Thanks
+AD4- Di
If you have received an email, from myself in HTML format, in the last 4
weeks, would you please contact Mr Gates, as he controls/controlled
Microsoft and my computer
has been set up to send emails in 'Plain Text', since the first couple of
weeks when I joined the list. On one occasion during the first couple of
weeks the computer (Outlook Express) changed its settings itself. If you
have received emails in HTML during the last four weeks please let me know,
as I can use it as an excuse to get some money back or upgraded software
from Micosoft, via PCWorld.
I presume as my name was included in your email, where the present tense was
used, this has been happening.

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